"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


Look what we found

My husband was down in the old barn yesterday and found two sweet little barn kittens. Well, sweet looking. I think we must have been the first humans they have seen - they were not too excited to be picked up. But who could resist - they are big enough to be removed from the mom, and since we have two cats already I feared they would grow up wild and be a danger to ours. Ours have already been bitten lately, probably by the mom. So I called our vet, and they said to take them now, if we waited much longer we would not be able to. Well, we got one. We are still looking for the other - hopefully there are only two. This little one is so cute, and is adapting to life inside quite well. It does not like legs, but when we are down on the floor it plays. It is eating, and even using the litter box. It still hisses every now and again, but is doing very well I think. We will take it to the vet tomorrow - so I can stop calling it - it, and to confirm the age and check the little bugger out.

Just look at the pictures - so adorable!!!


Jeanette said...

I just adore the kittens.... good thing I don't live to close or I would come by and take them home with me. My cat MAX is 15 lbs, 3yrs old and my baby. He needs a friend.

PCarriker said...

oh, so cute!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Love the kitty! I'm considering getting one to keep my dog company. We used to have a cat named Norm and they were pretty good buddies.
Best wishes for a happy and healthy new furry addition to your family♥

Tammy said...

Awe! You found hidden treasure! Your journal arrived at my doorstep today and it's left me breathless! It's an outstanding book. I looked at her website but didn't see them there. If you know where to get one like it please let me know. I can't wait to get started making art in your book. The journaling that's been done in it is very inspiring, colorful, and well done. I'm excited about making my mark in it as well.. =)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried to catch your little friend's
sis or brother with tuna... they really cant
resist it! Just set it out and wait...out of
site but there. They will go to it and not
leave. Then you can walk right up and take
it...it might growl but I doubt it will leave.
Make sure it is they tuna in the oil.. (it
smells more...hehe)
I hope you catch them all.
Your new baby is super cute.
And with 3 colors it must to be a gal.
She is so fluffy too!! So dusty looking
from all the gray and black...with a
bit of orange and ashy white...maybe
Cinderella? Because she slept in the cinders
of the fireplace? hehe... so cute, hard to
believe she is wild. Eyes are lovely too,
and I am loving the two tone nose.
Thank you for showing your newest member of
the family.. does she sleep all night yet?
Being a new parent is so hard, and they grow
up so fast.hehehe!
Loads of love to you and all you love,

laurel said...

He/she is adorable! I just love cats and have two of my own. I could almost have a houseful of them. If I had a barn I would definitely have more.

Bevie said...

Wow Mar these are better photos of him...sorry I didn't come when you posted this! It will be full grown next time I come avisiting, but then you'll have it all tammed for me..ehehe!!! That is if Molly and Lizzy let me get near it..ehehehe!!!

Lydia said...

Are those eyes navy? What a cute little kitty:)