"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.



I have been reading Anne Lamott's new book, Stitches.  There is a lot that resonates with me.  

I have been in a season of searching for a long time it seems. Life has been hard on many levels for a long time too. I am coming to see that when we are in a long season of pain, darkness, unknown and confusion we can forget to see joy. There will always be a degree pain, unknown, confusion and periods of darkness, but there is joy right alongside if we have eyes to see.  

This journal is helping me see, helping me ask and answer questions. Helping me sort through the maze that is my heart these days.  It's not as pretty as my other visual journals, but it is a treasure.

I am learning to be gentle with myself on hard days, and giving myself permission to slow down or pause when I need to, but not allowing myself to forget to live fully, open and engaged, looking for glimpses of grace, light and joy!


Connie said...

My what a profound message you packed into this post. Your journal is very hard hitting and filled with wisdom. I like that it isn't a pretty journal and that you chose to use recycled mail and old papers. Life is a mess; a mess of low dark places and of bright high delightful places . . . and most always it is a matter of which we choose to go after. A matter of attitude :)
great post!
Keep Smiling,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Kim Mailhot said...

I think I may be in a similar place, Lovely Mary. Knowing I am not alone and that there is always joy to hold on to, even if it seems tiny at times, is what gets me through those really rough days.
I am always thankful for voices of friends, art, and knowing I am loved as I work really hard to love myself.
Sending you light and a hand to hold in the dark places.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Thinking about you and saying prayers, Mary.

Mary Brack said...

Such openness and honesty. Thank you for sharing this, Mary. I needed a reminder to look for the joy.

Ophelia said...

Oh Mary, I am thinking of you....
Your post today helps me on so many levels.
Thank you so much for sharing this.

Hindsfeet said...

Just read this book myself, Girlfriend, for all the same reasons.......right there with ya in the searching, the questions, the bewilderment, willing myself to see a little further down the road, hoping further down the road doesn't just look like more road.....trying to be supportive of others as I can as they're struggling down this road with their own backpacks full of Stuff...wishing for joy in the journey, when the journey feels pointless and ludicrous.

anyway, there's my real raw way of saying, "you're not alone, Girlfriend, right there with ya trying to figure it all out..."

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

WOW!!! I know others are ministered by this today, but right now I feel the Lord personally meant it for me...tears are flowing. Thanks for sharing, it was a balm to my soul this morning.

Erin Butson said...

i love this post. every single quote. it makes me want to get healthy and live a real life. i love how you insist on and pursue authenticity. you simply won't live any other way and its a brave reminder that it is real LIFE and it is the only way to live. and everything is just plastic. thank you.

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

THANK YOU for being Y♥U Mary!
You have no idea how you encourage me.

♥Lee Ann