"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


Abiding Monday

I was not sure if I was going to continue Abiding Mondays.  After all Abide was my word for last year. This is a new year. But as I thought about it some more I realized that even though I have a new word for a new year I do not stop applying the old word to my life. I add the new word, it does not replace the old. And really they go together.  To be Wholehearted I must continue to Abide.  

I have two resources I want to share that helps me in this.  One is a book I have been reading.  "Saying Yes, accepting God's amazing invitation to artists and the church" by Cindy West.  In the book Cindy mentions a friend of hers who is a worship leader, Mark Tedder.  He handed her lyrics to a song of his called

More of You
When I'm lost in need of mercy, more of you, more of you.
When I've wasted time you've given, more of you, more of you
When I've taken more than giving, more of you, more of you
And when I leave before you've spoken, more of you
When I've wandered from your presence, more of you, more of you
When I'm scared in need of clinging, more of you, more of you
As I bring this life that's broken, more of you, more of you

Which led me to seek out the CD titled "The Door" Live worship from Beijing, China with Mark Teddar and the Worshiplanet Band. It includes a CD and a DVD.  It is wonderful. You can get them both through Amazon.  

During the CD and DVD a few poems by Gerard Kelly are recited.  Here is one of them.


I want to be a grace guerilla, 
no longer a chameleon of karma;
the time has come to stand out from the crowd
I want to give forgiveness a fighting chance of freeing me,
to live in love and live it out loud.

I want to drink deep of the foolishness of wisdom
instead of swallowing the wisdom of fools,
to find a source in the deeper mines of meaning
I want to search out the unsearchable,
to invoke the invisible;
to choose the truths the TV hypnotists aren't screening.

No camouflage, no entourage, no smoothly fitting in
I want a faith that goes further than face value
and a beauty that goes deeper than my skin

I want to be untouched by my possessions
instead of being possessed by what I touch,
to test the taste of having nothing to call mine
to hold consumption's cravings back
to be content with luck or lack
to live as well on water as on wine

I want to spend myself on those I think might need me,
not spend all I think I need on myself
I want my heart to be willing to make house calls
let those whose rope is at an end
find in me a faithful friend
let me be know as on who rebuilds broken walls

No camouflage, no entourage, no smoothly fitting in
I want a faith that goes further than face value
and a beauty that goes deeper than my skin.

I want to be centered outside the circle
to be chiseled from a different seam
to be seduced by another story
and drawn into a deeper dream
to be anchored in an undiscovered ocean
to revolve around an unfamiliar sun
a boom box tuned to an alternate station,
a bullet fired from a different gun.

No camouflage, no entourage, no smoothly fitting in
I want a faith that goes further than face value
and a beauty that goes deeper than my skin

Gerard Kelly

Here's a link to "The Door Project" has some good info and links on it.


Denise said...

Bless you dear one.

Hindsfeet said...

Mary, of all the words you so graciously gave us here, I gotta say, *yours* were the most meaningful to me today, to the point that I journaled them for myself....

"To be Whole-hearted, I must continue to Abide."

This was such a profound lighthouse word for me today, Mary......thanks as always, for how you listen to His heart, and your faithfulness to pass on the Word.......

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

I love your word Whole-hearted Mary. It beautifully fits you. Thank you for your Abiding Mondays. I am always touched and motivated by your words of wisdom and desire to know God more fully.

I will have to go over and check out that music.

♥Lee Ann

Just Be Real said...

Mary appreciate you sharing from the heart. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

I love coming by for Abiding Mondays....I always am strengthened in my Spirit. :)


rachel awes said...

i am grateful
that His "more of you"
brings you to me.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Mary, I'm still in "pukes"ville city, but my morning sickness is getting less & less. Thanks for asking!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Love that gritty grace
...that more of Him is
our place of rest and it's
the least lazy thing we can
do or be.
Nourished...thank you.
(glad for the abiding!)

Bevie said...

I love this years word too, and it does go along with Abiding..Whole Hearted discribes to me what I am becoming...Wholeheartedly seeking more of HIM...listening is my word this year, and I'm hearing more and more His awesome love straight to my Heart!!! love you little sister...I will probably have my knee replacement in April...will be in touch!!

Nancy said...

Mar, all I can say is ME TOO ME TO.............I want less of me and more of Him
And I will keep your words close to my heart......"to be wholehearted I must abide"....

Love you friend.....

Sunny Lee said...

Wow..your Abiding Mondays are so graceful~!!!!!!!!!!!