"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


Be Still

"TAKE TIME TO BE STILL in My Presence.  The
more hassled you feel, the more you need this sacred space 
of communion with Me. Breath slowly and deeply.  Relax in
My holy Presence while My Face shines upon you.  This is
how you receive My Peace, which I always proffer to you.

Imagine the pain I feel when My children tie themselves up in
anxious knots, ignoring My gift of Peace.  I died a criminal's
death to secure this blessing for you.  Receive it gratefully; hide
it in your heart.  My Peace is an inner treasure, growing within
you as you trust in Me. Therefore, circumstances cannot touch
it. Be still, enjoying Peace in My Presence."

Psalm 46:10; Numbers 6:25-26

From Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Can you believe October is almost half over?  I know for me I am entering a busy season, and if I am not intentional I will not take the time to be still.  So before I am deep into the busyness this time of year can bring I want to remind myself and my sweet friends to take time and be still.  

And for some reason I am having a hard time doing this...which tells me I really need it.  


Jennifer Richardson said...

Thank you
for this absolutely nourishing post.
Yes, yes, yes....I want to honor Peace
Himself by drawing near and letting my
heart keep pace with His unforced rhythms.

Still learning to be still
....especially while in motion,
embracing that it doesn't mean
doing nothing at all
...but that it's extremely productive,
and life-giving
and fierce
and responsible.
Thanks for reminding me
that it honors Him
....that it is worship.

Denise said...

This touched my soul, bless you.

Nancy said...

Beautiful picture and important post....I definitely need the reminder to be still right now as so much is going on here......

Can't wait to see you next week.....

Inner Expressions said...

Thank you for visiting my post and thank you for the reminder of the need to find peace in my heart again, I loss it often with what the world throws at me. Blessings patricia

sarah said...

this is absolutely beautful and reading your words....helped me to breath and welcome the stillness. Thank you for this....☺

Kim Mailhot said...

Taking those moments of stillness have saved me so many time ! Thanks for the reminder as we head into busy times. Big Love to you !

PaperPumpkin said...

"Relax in my holy presense as my face shines upon you." Now THAT'S powerful. I think that will be my repeated mantra tomorrow, Mary. Thank you for adding grace to my day. It is a Splendid Adventure.

Francois said...

This may just be the thing that raises me up from the dry spot I've been in for the past few weeks.
Just can't seem to get with it lately.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thank you for this word...so many parts of that scripture spoke to my heart for today...thanks!

Poetic Artist said...

Wonerful picture and wonderful words. You always make me think and I love that about you.

Buffy said...

Thank you for reminding me! Its so hard to be still when you're so busy.

Bevie said...

Awww sis, how beautiful is that awesome photo of God's creations...He gives our eyes so much to see,and give you the gift of sharing with us so much that touches our hearts...thank you for being someone I can look up to little sister!!!
love you...One more day!! hehehehe


...GOD BLESS...^^