"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.



i thought i would take Monday's to talk a little about my one word, waiting...even though today is Tuesday...see even you had to wait!  lol

i was in the dentist chair yesterday.  finally.  i had waited some time to get there.  it was one thing or another that kept me from the chair.  my dentist had a migraine...i had a migraine...dentist got the flu...i finally got in to do the prep work for a crown on a tooth that i had a root canal on several months ago.  the tooth had cracked and there is not enough left to crown.  so now i have to see an oral surgeon to have the tooth pulled, and have a bridge made.  CRAP!!  i go next week to have it pulled, then have to (you guessed it) wait for about 4 weeks for it to heal to begin the bridge work.

i see my word is in full swing!  i do expect it to reveal much in me and teach much this year.

and i waited at T J Maxx!

as i was driving to Barnes and Noble one morning this thought popped into my mind ...you need a new bag!!!  i need a new bag like a need another hemorrhoid. (that's another subject) but on the way to Barnes and Noble my car just turned into the parking lot of T J Maxx.  and i got out and went in...had to!!  even looked at all the new bags.  here is where i say, i'll just spend this much, no more. of course all the bags i loved were over that amount!!!  guess what word popped into my mind???  yep, waiting! i walked out of the store with the cute bag i already owned!!

i really want to watch what i buy this year.  i buy too many things that i don't need and have accumulated too much stuff.  i am trying to say to myself, enough is enough.

if you have chosen a word this year, i would love to know what it is, and would love to hear how you are living it during the year.

grace, peace, and love to you all!


Anita said...

waiting has been my word for seven years it seems...perhaps I will let go of that one this year and find a new one...I feel excited for this new year...I read Ann Voscamps book 1000 gifts so maybe gratitude will be my word

jgr said...

Hi Mary,
Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your tooth. I did pick a word for this year, I've always wanted to do it but could never commit to just one word- LOL. 'Stay'
is my word.

Sunny Lee said...

Waiting is very challenging in many ways.... I hear you.. :)

Nancy said...

I always so relate to you girlfriend....know what you're talking about...Just got through with two crowns myself....
I am sorry your body is giving you issues right now and again I can relate...just had knee surgery....car pulling in at TJ Max mine does that too.....good to know we are in this pot together.....

By the way, my word for this year is Available...now don't you know that I am going to get some lessons...already started...one interruption after the other....sounds like your word has started it's work as well....

Love ya girlfriend,

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love, love, love
the way your heart hears
and says yes
to the whispers Love makes.
i believe there are a good
many bags
waiting for you
just down the road:)

Anonymous said...

My word for 2013 is action. To do and create and overcome procrastination. I'm also learning waiting is part of action, like your purse, no action is an action.

Kim Mailhot said...

Dental stuff is such a challenge !

My art supplies are like your bags - way too many. Working on saying no to this kind of buying too. Thinking if I put aside my supply $$, I could save enough for a retreat somewhere ...;-)
Good work working with your waiting word !
Sending love and light !

Bevie said...

Mary I'm sorry to hear about the dental work you are waiting to have done.....my waiting is still ongoing (smile) Treasure is my word for the year...I have to say I've found so many reasons to Treasue...I treasure my family and friends so much...I treasure the pain I have for it keeps my mind centered on God..and His Peace and Grace. I treasure all the little birdies I'm able to feed after the snow fell last night. I even treasuer the laundry I'm doing for Dewey so he will be looking good as he goes to work....course not when he comes home!!! hehehehe I could go on and on Mar...I treasure my life even if I'm going to be "70" in just days!!! Yikes...love you sweet sister. I love T.J.Maxx but it's been ages since I last visited cuz I know I can't resist things I don't need..ehehehe

moreofhim said...

I'm so sorry you're dealing with dental stuff - NOT my favorite thing either!!

I actually have a phrase for this year - "Die to Self". I want more of the Lord and less of me in a lot of areas and I want to love others as the Lord loves me. It's been very exciting so far to see how the Lord is using this in my life.

Love your artwork and journals - they totally inspire!

Blessings - Julie

dawn burnside said...

My word is "surrender". Just when I think I have more things come to the surface. One thing I do know, Jesus is with me as I do. I'm sure that when I totally "surrender all" my journey will be that much closer to Him, which is what I want. To be so close to my heavenly Father, to share Him, to honor Him & spread his Word. Bless you.