"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.



i am asking questions

why do i blog?

is it for myself
for others
to encourage
for affirmation
to show work
for community 
to promote

are numbers important to me?
if so, why?
how does my blog contribute to my life?
what would i lose if i no longer blogged?
would i be missed?
does that matter to me?

i am sure more will come, and i think it is wise for me to seek the answers.

what are some of your reasons for blogging? 

 i really would like to hear.

when desires become masters they become vices


Kim Mailhot said...

My blogging life has definitely slowed down in the last year or so. Facebook has taken some of my time - shorter, instant gratification, but lacking a lot of the richness of blogging.
I look back on my blog and I am in awe of what I have shared, how beautiful it is, and how many sweet connections I have made over the years in Blogland. Many of those connections have carried over into "real" life as well. I think for me that blogging is a way for me to have a bigger, better community of like-minded people than I ever could in the city where I live. It is also a audience for my art, and a great soruce of inspiration and encouragement for my creative process.
I have thought about giving it up a few time, just because it takes so much time and because my audience is smaller and different that it has been in the past. But I realzie that it is one place where I express myself beautifully and it gives me such joy. And so I continue on that path...
I love your blog. It brought me to you and your heart. And your art and words have inspired me many a time.
I hope your answers come with ease !
Love and light, Beautiful Mary !

S. Etole said...

I think those are questions many of us ask ourselves from time to time. For me, blogging is a door to a world that transcends my physical limitations. Even though I don't always comment, I appreciate the words and pictures that you share. I find your quote today especially meaningful. I hope you will be blessed as you wait on the answers. In the meantime, I appreciate what you share here of your life.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Hi Mary. I would miss you...a lot.
I blog to open my small world up and have a sense of community...and to share. I am a shy person normally and blogging connects me to the universe. I have made wonderful friends and have learned so much. I hope that I can inspire someone with a journal page...

Mayra Mancebo said...

Hi!!!!! Mary...Super interesting your question.
I blogging because it is a means of communicating with others,
is a gateway to the world, and my blog is a portfolio to have somewhere to refer my clients.
I do it for me because I can carry my art. for others, because others learn new things as well as I learn watching other blogs. It is also a way of promoting your art, and sometimes there are also naysayers. there are also many people that give positive encouragement to continue. They make constructive comments and feedback beautiful ... Sometimes you meet people with common interests to bounce ideas and knowledge.
Anyway is a world open to our eyes right through the monitor.
Hugs and kisses!

Kate I said...

Hi Mary, I started coming to your beautiful and colourful space a few months ago, but don't think I've left a comment until now.

For me, blogging is about connecting...it started initially with a desire to connect with other creative souls but has led to a connection of hearts. I've found that most of my initial blogging connections have either stopped blogging, turned it into a business related blog or have at least slowed down somewhat. I've had my prolific times and my dry times depending on what is happening within me or going on in my life. Other than connecting, it's become a way for me to record my life both in writing as well as visually through my art and In that respect, it's just for me. I began making yearly Blurb books of my blog and get a lot of satisfaction from looking back five or six years to who I was then and where I am now.

I hope your answers come gently and with clarity.

Faygie Fellig said...

I blog because i love to see my thoughts and feelings put in to words. i love the opportunity it has given me to see beautiful creative people like yourself. it gives me an address. males me feel legitimate. if all of us would stop blogging we would miss each other...

Say It In Color said...

I agree somewhat with all of these answers, but the reason I like blogs or to blog is the communication, the visiting and sharing of another soul and many times having a connection with like minded artist's or believers... it is like a visit. It is also where I can express myself in art or words or silliness and have no fear of who reads it or if they will judge me. One desire is to be authentic in my blogs and when I am not I can sense it....therefore strive to be more authentic. I discovered blogging in 2008...actually when I found Mystele's art and then her classes....and i have been enriched ever since!!! Then I found your blog and others....each one is so uniquely different and I am always ready for a new post from any of you....I am thinking that because of not commenting as much that people may think you aren't interested in it anymore....so I may need to at least leave a comment!! An old friend told me he enjoyed looking at my doodles and reading my blog....I was surprised HE would take the time, he is an author ... then another lady retired said she looked forward everyday to see if I did a doodle....a simple not so pretty doodle.....so it keeps me going. Who doesn't like to share what they love to do? It has opened up a new world to me with people from afar....like getting to travel and have coffee with them....one thing is that blogging is friendship, but in a way that you don't have to be responsible for the friendship like in person....that may not be good, but maybe we are too busy to interact on a daily basis in real life instead of blog life. Plus you can go to another's blog across the country in a matter of seconds....I am kind of private in some ways so I like the casualness of it, does that make sense? Plus I have taken many classes through blogs, and read much on how to do things....sometimes just comfort from another's writing is there.....Blogging is WAY more satisfying than facebook, which I do too, but still don't like as much....not sure why. These are some good questions....I may think on them much longer....thanks, and I Love your blog, to see your progress in art and journaling....I sometimes find myself in some of your thoughts and and I say...."Yes!" I get that!!

rachel awes said...

dearest mary,

i began blogging to create a platform for my book in the making...but i have found that there was a deeper river inviting me in..an agenda that was richer + a gift from a bigger place..
the friendships from around the world have become the greatest gift. + certainly there comes an increased accountability for art-making for me. + also having to face my fears about the technical aspects of doing it + realizing i am capable.
how i love the unexpected. how i love keeping my arms open as i walk through.

An'Angelia Thompson said...

All very good questions that I've asked myself, Mary. I haven't really searched for the answers - maybe because I'm not certain I'll like them..... At any rate, I'm glad you're blogging because I enjoy your posts :o) Being part of a worldwide creative community is at least ONE answer. Hugs!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I know I'd be less rich
if you had never blogged, Mary,
and there'd be a cavern
of a hole
where your light used to shine
if you didn't post,
There is so much aliveness
that splashes the universe
as you put it out there,
these riches in your heart.
It's just the overflow from your living,
but it packs a powerful punch!
I'd hate to have to miss it:)
(i loved counting "followers" at first, but then changed things up so many times I don't even remember how to check....I know i lost them all once or twice and now it doesn't matter. That feels

Bevie said...

I think for me the fellowship with so many wonderful people who love the Lord brings be back again and again to share my all that God is doing in my life. I would surely miss your blog if I couldn't come visit and see so much of what God is doing in your life. You know sharing whats deep in your heart isn't easy for most, you have truly touched many with your honesty and love for HIM. I love you sis.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Morning Mary,
We all ask the question now and again and I think simply put the answer is yes to all of your answers. I started blogging because I too wanted to share. That is still my answer to your question even though I have slowed down a bit I do expect for my blogging to pick up with my new retirement. I'm getting settled into and relaxing with it now. I look forward to your future post. I know you would miss it if you stopped.

laurel said...

I agree, blogging is a connection with souls you might not ever meet otherwise. It is a very interesting venue for sharing our hearts and our lives as we grow. I think it is important not to beat ourselves up when we need to take a break but I know I greatly benefit from these connections and from your sharing, Mary.


Eden said...

Good question Mary, and I have found myself asking this at times when I'm in "have to" mode. I think blogging has definitely made me more accountable to my audience and I definitely use it as a teaching tool for myself and others. It's just plain fun and really that's good enough for me right now...and it's free!

I learn so much from others about their faith, art, techie stuff. I have a few relationships here thru blogland that I feel enriched and they are just as important as some of my fb friendships. Like mindedness is so important b/c art can be so isolating at times. We encourage each other!