"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


new journal

I have begun to use a wonderful book...daily.  31 Days of Praise, by Ruth Myers. It's a little book. It's not new, it's been around the block for awhile and used by others. I have even had the book for awhile.  But sometimes God waits till I am ready and then leads me to the very thing He knows will engage my heart.  Such is this little book.

My home church is having another Women's Retreat in the fall.  We will be using this little book, and we will be doing some visual journaling again.  I wanted to have something to show the women, a way, one way they could apply what God is saying to them.  I took an old journal that I had not completed, covered some of the pages to use as my 31 Days of Praise Journal.  And don't you know, there are exactly 31 two page spreads.  Yes there are!  I did not change a darn thing about it.  

I am preparing the backgrounds ahead of time so when it comes time to journal on them they are ready. I may add a few elements as I work in it, but did not want to spend the bulk of the time painting backgrounds. I added elements with no though in mind as to what that day was going to be about.  I want to leave that as a surprise and see what God does.  I even think I am going to progress in order...usually I jump around in my journal...we'll see.  

My prayer as I read and journal my way through this book, is that God will show me more of Him. That in immersing myself in Him and His word, my heart softens, yields, and grows more open to Him.  That I learn to praise Him for who He is and not just what He does.  That I become more aware of Him walking beside me daily.  

He does you know.  

He never leaves...it's me who wanders...flickering here and there, sampling other things that I think will satisfy me.  

day 1

Flickering Mind

Lord, not you,

it is I who am absent

At first

belief was a joy I kept in secret, 

stealing alone

into sacred places:

a quick glance, and away-and back,


I have long since uttered your name

but not

I elude your presence.

I stop

to think about you, and my mind

at once

like a minnow darts away


into the shadows, into gleams, that fret


Not for one second

will my self hold still, but wanders


everywhere it can turn. Not you,

it is I am absent.

You are the stream, the fish, the light,

the pulsing shadow,

you the unchanging presence, in whom all

moves and changes.

How can I focus my flickering, perceive

at the fountain's heart


sapphire I know is there?

Denise Levertov


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Such a strong point, that it is not He who flickers away, but me and my monkey brain. Clarity is my word for 2012, and it really and truly is not easy for me...but I hope and pray that I am doing better with it! Beautiful journal pages Mary. I so wish I could take a class with you. Peace today, kath

Bren said...

Beautiful journal pages ready to be filled with all that your and his heart containes

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh! inspire me so you do!
this is glorious....so beautiful
all the way down
to the being.
THANK you for sharing, friend:)