"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


lifter of my heart

day 8

when i am confronted with my own self...when i see where i have sinned, when i have been unloving, where i see i may have caused harm to others i can begin to spiral downward.  

i can begin to believe lies 
like i am a bad person 
with a bad heart
with no hope of making right the damage i have caused 
i begin to feel defeated 

yesterday was one of those days.  i went to bed feeling the weight of damage.

but when i picked up my 31 days of praise journal, and picked up my book, God met me in my mess. though i have not always chosen the right words and actions, and in fact, have caused harm to others, that is not the truest part of me. God is teaching me new ways of getting my needs met...through Him. i may not live life from an overflow of Him at times...even a lot of the time, 

but i am learning.  

and really one has to see first...
see the negative to even know what needs to be changed. 

so when my sin, my flaws are revealed to me, i rightly need to acknowledge them, grieve them and receive forgiveness for them.  but i don't have to stay in a place of despair.  

God is the lifter of my heart and soul.  

Thank you Father for your mercy and grace.  it's always there, never withheld.

Grace and peace to you my friends.


Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you Father for mercy and grace. Lovely post, Mary. Wishing you a restful night and a blessed Sunday.

Journal Swag said...

Have you been hearing the words in my soul too? Exactly the same ones! I have the 31 Days book too! Wow! Thank you, and you are perfectly wonderful the way God made you. Remember, we're humans and we all make mistakes. :)

Together in Faith,


Hindsfeet said...

Oh Mary....how I needed this tonight.....as I have spent the evening feeling so discouraged over choices I've made that were hasty, that did not take others' best interest into account, that were, quite honestly, not even in *my* best interest....what a foolish sheep I can be.....always distracting the Shepherd from the 99......I need to be found again, need to be gathered up into his arms again and taken back to where I need to be.......

...I think I even used the same word you did...."mess"......

Lord have mercy and make things right as only He can.....I just seem to make bigger messes when I try to make things right in my own 'strenghth'......

thanks, as always, Mary, for your transparency.....I was feeling so alone in my 'mess' tonight : /


laurel said...

All I have to say is Amen! It is so hard sometimes to strike that balance of examining our failings and then moving on to the lessons learned and grace. Thanks for sharing your heart.