"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


happy accident

happy, happy, accident!

i had loaded this 14 x 14 canvas with paint.  hated what was happening so i took a brayer and just mooshed it all together.  i set it aside to dry so i could cover it with gesso and begin again.  when i came back to gesso it i was surprised by this great melding of color and texture.  i new right away that it needed a vintage photo in the middle.  this is a photo of my mom and dad, and two of my sisters and one of my brothers.  

i don't think i will ever be able to reproduce this or anything close to it, but i am gonna try the brayer mooshing thing again!


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

It looks great! Happy accidents are the best.

Kim Mailhot said...

I love it when that happens !
Love your little markings here and there too. Scribbles make the photo settle into the canvas.
Love your little happy !

Anonymous said...

What wonderful mooshing! The colors are amazing, and I love the idea of the photo in the middle!

Bren said...

Glad to see you're having so much fun. A brayer always adds a lot of unpredictable fun to a painting :-)

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I wish my accidents were as pretty as yours....great job!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

It sure speaks to me and the photo just feels perfect. xox

Bevie said...

Mar, this is one of my favorite photos of mom& dad.. We were good looking kids weren't we? love you for creating this ooak paintings...gonna copy it just for me to keep, ol?
love you sis..

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Blog surfing and landed here; love your use of color and how your lovely family is front and center, in the middle of happy.
love the Buechner quote and will use it one day in a Sabbath Keeping post. I love "the sacredness of your own journey"; so true, so true.

Michelle Webb said...

I'm so glad you didn't gesso that canvas, it looks amazing. Michelle x

Jennifer Richardson said...

Spirit-kissed synchronicity!
love it:)
there you go inspiring me again,

katie purcell said...

Praying for next week's fun sale.
Wish you could bottle up your joy, smile and heart of giving and sell it. You would be famous and rich.

Ophelia said...

Wow!!! Looks fabulous!!! You make it look so easy!!! Your paintings are just so amazing!!