"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


it began as a nice day

Yesterday started out lovely. A little overcast, but temperatures were right in my range.  Cool, but not cold, a little breeze.  So of course since I had not been out on the porch for a while I had to do a little re-arranging. I have a smallish wicker coffee table. Too small for what I wanted so I pulled out this large board I had doodled on in my studio.  It was perfect.  So I painted the edges black and topped it with a few lovelies.

I spent most of the day in and out, till the skies started to turn greenish-black and the sirens began.  The storm that woke my daughter up in Kentucky had arrived. I gathered the animals, three cats and a dog and came in and turned the TV on. Yep, we were under a tornado warning.  The wind and hail were pretty intense, I was prepared to dive down into our cellar, not a pleasant place to be, it's basically a hole in the ground, dirt, musty, and damp, but you go if you have to, and we have had to.

We did have fair warning about the storm.  Meg sent us a text early morning.  She said, "I officially hate Kentucky weather...woke up at 5 am to a tornado siren and had to go to the basement for an hour and now I am soaked from walking to class even with an umbrella...yay..."  Meg hates tornado's, has for years, ever since she saw "Twister". I am one of those people who love storms, as long as no one is hurt. Meg used to freak when I would go out on the porch and watch.

The sun is shining this morning.


Bren said...

first off, I love the table try, very inventive of you. Just love your flare for colour and arranging things.
Can only imagine what it would be like to wait out a tornado producing storm, I live in an area that never has them, it would get your heart pumping I'm thinking :-)
Your studio pictures look grand, don't forget to tell everyone about it!

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the doodle piece. It looks right at home there!

lailani said...

Glad the warning did not pan out to any more of a storm than it did! I, too, like storms, but not when the skies get that greenish hue to them. THEY make me nervous - not enough to move away from the window though! hehe!

Wonderful table arrangement!

Jo Reimer said...

I miss Southern storms, with the strange colors in the sky and the pounding rain that cascades off the edge of the roof and dances in the puddles, but when it comes to tornados, nope, leave me out of it. As a kid in Arkansas I went to the basement several times with my family and remember crouching in the hallway with a classroom of kids as 5 tornados danced around the school where I taught in OKC.
We don't get the heavy rain here and I miss it as well as the thunder and lightning. I used to hope for a storm whenever I visited family, still do. We'd sit out on a screened porch that's something like yours, though not even close to being so pretty.
The new tabletop is great as is the grouping of candles. I can imagine you and your husband sitting there in the evening with the candles lit and soft music playing in the background as you talk about your day. Lovely.

rachel awes said...

oh my gosh i love your table!!!
& sweet to hear a bit about you..
& thank you too for checking in over here..
from your candles to mine!
flicker flicker dear friend!
my weekend was tenderly productive...
beginning of some new outline, which
i could only come to in solitude.
it will take me quite some time to complete,
but it now feels less overwhelming to approach as i can! lots of love mary! xo

Buffy said...

Love what you did to the table! And I love storms too,although I would have an anxiety attack if faced with a tornado. Except one time I was in my kitchen and kept telling my husband that I heard something and sure enough a tornado passed right in front of our house,we had somebodys screen enclosure in our front yard but I never seen it coming. Thank God because I probably would have had a heart attack. Glad youre safe!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh you do live an artful life, Mary.
Glad you didn't have to do cellar time
but good to know it's there if needed.
Thankful today for electricity
and chainsaws.

PaperPumpkin said...

I tornado would scare the life out of me...I guess I'll take this snow... I love your decorating, Mary.

Bevie said...

Sis first of all I'm so happy you didn't have to dive for that damp old basement..I could just picture you down there with the animals..ehehhe
Secondly I love that board on your wicker table..much bigger and of couse an original painting by you makes it so festive and special!!! There's nothing drab about that awesome back porch!!!! love ya! ((hugs))

Dionna said...

I love storms too. I even named my blog after them! But I hate hate hate snow and ice. Yes, I live in Idaho.