"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


Abiding Monday

Today I wanted to share a book with you.  It is the first book in The Apprentice Series, which along with two other books form a "curriculum for Christlikeness."  The aim of the first book is to help people discover the God Jesus revealed.  

"The Good and Beautiful God" by James Bryan Smith.

From the introduction:  "Each chapter deals with false concepts and the true one, namely, the narrative of Jesus. Each chapter also contains a soul-training exercise to help imbed the narrative of Jesus more deeply into our minds, bodies, and souls.  These exercises are not mean to to make you more religious or impress God.  They are meant to help you see and understand the world as Jesus did."

From the first chapter:   "Would you like to have abiding peace?  Would you like to have a heart that is filled with love?  Would you like to have the kind of faith that see everything - even your failures and losses - in light of God's governance for good?  Would you like to have the kind of hope that endures even in discouraging circumstances?"

"A lot of people want to change and would answer yes to these questions, but many of them do not believe it is possible.  After years of trying and failing, they lead a Christian life of quiet desperation, longing for change and yet certain it will never happen.  So they sit in their pews each week, sighing silently, resigned to their fate."

"I used to think that way.  I tried and tried and tried to change.  I prayed and prayed, pleading with God, begging God to change me.  All to no avail.  I wanted to become the kind of person Jesus described in the Sermon on the Mount - a person who loved his enemies and never worried about anything.  But when I looked into my own heart, I discovered that I not only did not love my enemies, I didn't even love some of my friends, and I worried about everything."

From Dallas Willard - "The best practice I have seen in Christian spiritual formation."

From Richard J. Foster - "I urge you to buy this book immediately!  Read it......Then live it out in the context of a loving community.  You will not regret doing so."

I can't wait to dig in!!!!



DJ said...

I'll be purchasing that one asap. Thanks for the information, friend.
{{Monday Hugs}}

Mollye said...

Love you Mary

PaperPumpkin said...

It does sound wonderful, Mary! I hadn't heard of it before. Thank you! Hope you have a lovely Monday! ~Kathy

Bevie said...

Hello my precious sister, I too will purchase the book...I have many yet to buy, but will put this one at the top. Sending you and Greg much love and of course Meg too!!!

Bev said...

oh, this sounds powerful! it's on my summer reading list now!
thank you for your kind words on my weary post from last week!

Bren said...

sounds like a great book, I think you've just increased it's sales ratings on amazon :-)

Like the new look of your blog, don't you love bloggers new design templates? Fun!

jgr said...

Yes, thank you for telling us about the book-it sounds very good.

Buffy said...

Sounds like its gonna be a great book.Let us know. I like the part about changing,thats what I'm dealing with now. Like tonight I'm suppose to go to a bible study but I just don't want to go,this happens every week so far,I just wish my heart would change.I'm reading "redeeming Love by francine rivers.Its based on the book of hosea in the bible. Very good so far. Thanks for sharing. Especially about how you tried to change and being so honest.

Ophelia said...

I love just how appropriate your posts are for me...it seems that you write them just for me :)
This is EXACTLY what I needed today...exactly...how did you know!
Thanks so much for your most beautiful card! That was way too kind!

Sandy..... said...

Thank you so much for the reccomendation~! This is now added to my "Barnes and Noble list".

Just Be Real said...

Thank you Mary for sharing. Blessings.

Susan said...

Sounds really good, like it would go well with True Faced

Erin Butson said...

Wow. This sounds so great. I feel the same. stuck. so stuck inmy faith. trying harder, getting nowhere. I can't wait to hear more about it.


Dear Mary,

It was, indeed, a very wonderful sharing... it teaches many lessons and gives many inspirations... God Bless you and your family!!!:D

Take care!!!:)


Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh wow, Mary....I am going to look for this book tomorrow. That's so where I've been these past few weeks....thanks for sharing this!

Lisa <> said...

Hi Mary, I'd like permission to use your image abide on my blog with proper credit and a link back to your blog. Thanks for your consideration. -Lisa <><