"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.



Is this a picture of a worried cat, worried about her housemate in the tree??


It is a picture of a cat enjoying the thought that all the birds in the yard are hers!!!! I have a feeling she could have lured Jack up the tree!!! Flirt, affectionately known as PITA - pain in a.. cat has never really liked Jackie.

But, I loved the picture!!! Please ignore the terrible dirty windows, I will get to them - eventually.

The great kitchen towels in the picture are made by Anna Maria Horner. Her blog is lovely as are her creations.


CountryDreaming said...

I like how everything on the desk has its place ... including the cat.

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

From the cat's point of view, he probably thinks it's Christmas and all of those birds are his gifts! cute picture!

Mary, thank you for your sweet and enourageing comment you left on my blog today. I've had one of those kind of days at work today, so opening my blog after I got home and reading your encouraging words really lifted my spirits. You are a gem!

Lee Ann

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

oops, guess my brain is too tired tonight to spell correctly! "encouraging" is what I mean't to type!

Poetic Artist said...

Hello Mary,
I have to catch up on your blog..I love your new art..The cat story is wonderful..It made me laugh..I have missed you and your blog.
Take care my friend.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

So cute Mary! And the windows look just fine!!

Denise said...

Really cute.

Lily said...

Oh my! This could be either of my cats... they both love watching the birds and make the most ridiculous singing/chirping noises while doing so. Crazy felines!


O, loved the photo... though, i'm pretty scared of cats.... don't know why!!!:P

Keep safe!!!:)


Janet said...

Love this photo!!! My cats both love to sit and look out the windows and dream of chasing birds!

Just Be Real said...

Mary, what a delightful intriguing picture. Yeah, the cat is looking at my birds. :)

Anonymous said...

Darling posting Mary!
I thought the windows had frost on them! ???
LOL.. Darlene xo

Bevie said...

Sweetie didn't you know nobody washes windows anymore...I remember mom having a different day of the week to do things..Monday was wash the sheets (which I had to get off the lines when I got home from school) one day was for scrubbing floors, one for ironing (used to sprink them and put them wrapped up in the frig) If I did that I'd never get the importand things done like studing the Bible, and Painting, Painting...did I say painting?
Sweetie do you think you could slip Jack in your bag when you come to visit...we could give flirt a break..eheheheh!!!! Wonderful photos hon...and I love that tree... love you too!!! Couldn't type cuz I could get the num lock on...grrrrr. But I did come and read!!!

DJ said...

WOW...what a great shot!
This pic is just begging to be a painting!
Go for it, girlfriend.

Carissa Paige said...

Love this picture Mary! What a pretty kitty you have. Those windows don't look too bad from here! If you think thats bad, come on over to my house ;-)