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First attempt

Hey, I need your opinion on this. This is my first real attempt at an abstract painting. The colors are a little more defined in person, and the white is not as glaring. Does it need something more, or different. I really would like an honest assessment on it.

Thanks everyone!


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

I think it's a great! I struggle with abstract painting. I teed to keep things too "perfect".

The white is a little distracting but it really helps ground it. Maybe it just needs to be toned down a little? You said it wasn't so bright in person so maybe not. I really like your color choices.

mystele said...

wowzer!!! this is lovely!!! go with your gut. it's just paint. if you change something, and it doesn't speak to you, then keep going with the flow. you'll know when you really love it. i love the warmth of the colors. it's very soothing. re: the white- from our end,it just needs to be warmed up a bit...you could try a watercolor wash over it to play around with color. if you like it, great. if not, you can wipe it away! can't wait to see what you decide.

jgr said...

I absolutely LOVE the colors, I agree with Jennifer about the white-perhaps tone it down but it is a nice 'anchor' to the piece. I also like the subtle detail and texture (which I'm sure looks even better in person) in the top and middle of the painting.
Very beautiful work!

grittyjane said...

Perhaps flip it upside down and look at it =)