"Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear it's cries. - Dallas Willard, Renovation Of The Heart."

It takes courage to pursue our dreams. It takes time and patience to unearth buried treasure. But I believe with all my heart that we must do both.


A Simpler Christmas

I live in a 160 year old house. I love all the crooked window frames, the small gaps in the pine walls, and floors, even though it lets in some cold air. The old glass still in some of the windows. The worn old floors, the eleven food ceilings, the many fireplaces in the house. When I found it about six and a half years ago, I knew it was the house of my dreams!!! There are some very old and large trees left that are wonderful in every season. It is a very peaceful place, except for the various loud dogs that neighbors have!!!!! I have a couple, but of course they are very well behaved!!!! :) The first year at Christmas I decorated a tree that more or less fit the time when the house was built. I decorated very primitive, with most things old, muted in color. My daughter, then 10, did not like it very much. This year things are different. Well, they began to change last year. After God started doing some changing in my heart. Now I love old things, and for those of you who decorate in the primitive style and love it, keep at it. For me I think there was an underlying reason for it. My childhood home was not very warm, or loving. I think as I grew I was drawn to the "old" because to me it spoke of home, family, all those things that I yearned for. I loved to watch "Little House on the Prairie", and "The Walton's ". Again, because of the love they had for each other and the feeling of "home". So when I got married and had children I tried to create that "feeling" of love, of safety, of home. As I am learning to accept the love God has for me in my heart and not just my head, the need for that is fading. And, I am being drawn to a new way of looking at things. I still love old things, but I am loving mixing it with new, shiny things, with more of a free child's heart. I am drawn to brighter colors and lot of them!!!!! So, this Christmas there are lots of colorful ornaments on the tree, bowls of glass ornaments sitting around. You will find an old Santa or two, but not as many as before. And I am not decorating as much this year. A few things here and there, feeling the need to simplify here too.


Anonymous said...

old houses are great!
i especially like your little tree-scape in the first photo.

mystele said...

oh wow. your decorating is amazing!!!! more photos when you have a chance. ok?

mystele said...

mary, i'm all ready to send your paintings. let me know if you're still interested- i don't take you for granted. if you're not interested, it's perfectly fine. i love you!

Bevie said...

I loved this blog sister, you have changed over the past 2 yrs I think. I see an openness, before you were I think hiding some true feelings..or am I just imagining it? You were the one who suffered the most from our broken and disfunctional home. Now that I think of it, my leaving makes me feel somehow responsible for that....moving on...we've both learned so much about ourselves because of our growing closer to our Lord. Not having the need to prove anything...knowing we are worthy I think has giving me more room to feel HIS perfect love...does that make any sense? Sweetie I see a young woman who has a special light glowing and growing in you...I see a more mature woman who knows what she's all about!!! love you sister..

Mary said...

Wow my sister. Thank you for your words of encouragement and love. They bless my socks off. BUT! Do not and I mean do not feel any way responsible. You were a child yourself, dealing with huge, hurtful, wounding issues!!!! And it was all allowed by God, he uses everything in our lives to mold and change us. And yes, as we feel more accepted by God as we are, faults and all, and worthy not in our own standing, but because what Jesus did for us we begin to really accept in our hearts, not just our heads that we are loved. That is freeing indeed!!!!
I love you more than you know!!!!

Marsha said...

What a wonderful post, Mary. I sense that we have much in common.

Teri Leigh said...

I love the all the pictures of old things. I have quite a few antiques myself handed down from my Aunt and Grandmother. I too have felt the need to simplfy this year and am experiencing so much more. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed yours and will be back :)

Michele Williams said...

I love the pictures... We have simplified this year too. It is so relaxing... a non stessful Christmas! Just worship the Savior. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

susansspace said...

Hi, Mary,
I stopped by today & enjoyed the visit!
(Found you from Marsha's blog). Love your pictures, & love older homes..(so much personality)! I'll be back to read more when my computer's not giving me such a fit.
Blessings, Susan